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Fitness Trails & Running Loops

Adelaide is ideal for cycling, walking and running. With great tracks and trails all over the city's Park Lands, no matter what your level of fitness is, there will be a trail to suit you.

Running loops


There are six loops to choose from surrounding the beautiful River Torrens / Karrawirra.

Uni loop

The Uni Loop located between Mackinnon Parade and War Memorial Drive. This is an unsealed circuit, that is tree lined and contains distance markers every 200 metres to keep you on track.

South park lands

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi has a running loop and work out stations. This unsealed circuit loop is a great place for a run or walks within the large open expanses. The circuit features a series of fitness stations containing outdoor fitness equipment to ensure a full body workout. A linear fitness trail with multiple exercise elements is also provided along the Park Lands Trail in the north-west area of the park.

Victoria Park criterium track

This circuit is designed to accommodate every cyclist - from racers to casual cyclists. The circuit is 1.1 to 1.4km long, 9 metres wide and is home to criterium racing and Pedal Prix events.

Please be mindful of other park users when using the track outside of event times by riding in a clockwise direction, using lights after dark, and not using remote-controlled vehicles on the track. Conditions of use apply.

Running and walking groups

Where better to get the heart pumping than in the stunning Adelaide Park Lands? There are several running groups and events in the city each week that provide runners and walkers with an opportunity to build week on week to achieve their personal best time.

Many of the groups are organised by enthusiastic volunteers who have created a tight-knit running community who are successful in encouraging one another and warmly welcoming new runners.

River Torrens Linear Park trail

This shared use trail runs from the sea to the hills passing through the city via Bonython Park and Elder Park. There are some great walks and runs along this trail, which take in some of the best sites of the city’s river precinct.