Weather & seasons


You’ll enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean-like climate in Adelaide with four distinct seasons. The amiable weather means you can get out and embrace all the city has to offer - all year round!


(December, January and February).

It's hard to not love summer. Long sunny days, balmy evenings, and an atmosphere buzzing with colour, creativity and culture. Adelaide is alive at every turn. The city is energised with events and activities for everyone. Experience a true Australian Christmas in the heart of the city, then spoil yourself with the many restaurants and bars in gorgeous laneways. Top it off with a free concert and fireworks show at the city's New Year's Eve party. The dress code is casual and the beach becomes a home away from home, especially on balmy nights when the sun sets after 8:30 pm thanks to daylight savings


(March, April and May).

It's hard not to love a South Australian autumn. As the local's second favourite season, autumn brings about cooler and cosier days, plus beautiful colour around the city with the trees transforming into an array of colours. With its mild days and breezy nights, autumn is the perfect time for the many festivals held in the city. While the city is winding down after the hot summer activities, this is the time to take it easy while exploring the city. With the annual History Festival kicking off in May, as well as the bi-annual DreamBIG Children's Festival, it's the perfect time for an adventure.


(June, July and August).

Adelaide takes on a different light when the temperatures drop. Even though it's cold outside, come experience the many events available in the city in winter and you'll see why many locals have fond memories of the season. The conditions are perfect for an adventure. From hot chocolates, to hot cocktails, this is truly the season to indulge. Another highlight of winter is footy season, with Adelaide Oval lit up for Crows and Port home games once a week. Winter is our wet weather season and it can drop down to 6°C overnight, so best to pack a jacket and umbrella, just in case.


(September, October and November).

Ah, spring! Glorious mild days and the fragrance of fresh blooms in the air. Spring marks the start of longer days, and warmer temperatures. Unsurprisingly, it is the favourite season of many South Australians. The flora and fauna in the Adelaide Park Lands are beginning to awake from its winter slumber and the city will soon be filled with colours. This is the season to take long walks, have picnics in the park lands before heading into one of the many events on offer. Do check the weather forecast for rain if you are planning a picnic in the park.

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