Maps & brochures

Discovering the best of what Adelaide has to offer is simple with our range of maps. Explore or view it on your phone as you go or download a PDF map to print and take it with you. Follow your hearts desire, search your destination and experience Adelaide.

City of Adelaide map

Use this functional map to find local attractions and navigate your way through the streets of Adelaide's CBD and North Adelaide, including a guide to lanes and arcades off Hindley and Rundle Street. You’ll also find information regarding free Wi-Fi in the city and emergency contacts. Looking to order a brochure or map for your visit to Adelaide? Request a brochure online and it will be sent out to you.

Download map here (English)

Download map here (Chinese)

Map adfl adelaide

Adelaide Visitor Guide

A comprehensive all-in-one guide to take along on your Adelaide exploration.

View the guide here

Off The Grid: Self-guided trails

Want to explore the city in a different way? Try one our Off The Grid self-guided audio trails and experiencing the city in a whole new different way.