Orientation to Adelaide

Last updated 08 Sept, 2021

We’ve put together a collection of things we think you might find useful as you get oriented in Adelaide. Use the interactive maps to explore some of the city’s favourite landmarks and attractions. If you are new to the city, this is the perfect way to get acquainted!

Pick up a copy of these self-guided trails and maps at the Adelaide Visitor Information Centre, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

Download the print map here

Along North Terrace

The Station is the primary transit stop in the city where both the tram and train services interconnect. Heading east from here you’ll find Parliament House and Government House. Across the road is the Golden Rhombohedron (Acute) in Bank Street.


1. South African War Equestrian -The South African War Memorial, unveiled on 6 June 1904, commemorates South Australians who fought in the second South African War (11 October 1899 to 31 May 1902), between Dutch-Afrikaner (Boer) settlers and Britain and her colonies. It was the first war in which South Australians fought overseas. The first South African War was fought in 1880-1881.

2. Venere Di Canova -Venere di Canova (Canova’s Venus) was Adelaide’s first public street statue. The first of three statues donated to the city by wealthy pastoralist, mining magnate and parliamentarian William Austin Horn, it was unveiled on 3 September 1892. His other donations were Hercules and The Athlete.

3. The War Memorial

4. King Edward VII

The Riverbank Stroll

Encased in curved glass cladding, lined with LED lights, the Adelaide Riverbank Footbridge links the Adelaide Oval to the city and allows pedestrians to traverse the Torrens.

Elder Rotunda opened in 1882 and was announced as a venue for music performances. With a panoramic view of the River Torrens, it is also a great place to simply relax and enjoy the day.

The War Memorial recognises and commemorates the service and sacrifice of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have served Australia.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial

The University of Adelaide at this point backs onto a beautiful part of the riverbank. Explore the grounds of the university and enjoy the architecture if you so choose.

Home to 250 species of wildlife and offering a number of up-close experiences and exhibits. A day amongst some of the worlds most majestic creatures sits at the cities doorstep.


Markets to Bank Street

Open Tuesday through Saturday - the perfect spot for city residents to pop in and pick up fresh supplies and for commuters to ponder the multicultural cuisines available and the food courts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


A convenient way to pass from Waymouth to Currie Streets, this mall also houses the Sensing with Light installation and some crafty retail, food and drink, including fresh bagels from the Beigelry and city-made brews from Lady Burra.

Adelaide's highest concentration of trending restaurants and on-point small bars. After five, you'll find patrols sprawling out onto a semi-alfresco style scene. Easily enjoy exploring a few spots in a night.

For something perhaps a little more intimate, a collection of snug little options are popping up along this strip. It's essential to note both Bank and Gresham Streets hit North Terrace close to the train station.

Entertainment Precinct