Sam, Damien and Archie's light-filled sanctuary

Nestled on the 14th floor of bohem is Sam and Damien’s light-filled apartment.

The couple have been calling bohem home for just over two years, with Sam and Damien sealing the deal on their off-the-plan abode in early 2015.

Sam and Damien had thoroughly tested the waters, having worked in the city over the last 6 years and previously residing in Halifax. A sense of openness and space was a key consideration in choosing the green surrounds of Whitmore Square.

“The south west has the proximity we needed to live without owning a car and to cancel the morning commute, but feels distinct from the rest of the city, and being on the 14th floor, there’s still a sense of separation between home, work and the outside world,” said Sam.


The construction period gave Sam and Damien plenty of time to visualise and design the lifestyle they wanted, and also customise the apartment itself. The pièce de résistance is arguably the wide kitchen bench which was designed 3m long sans sink. The main driver – making homemade pasta.

Sam taylor living room

There’s a clean and easy air that goes hand in hand with apartment living, where downsizing their belongings was a gradual process each time Sam and Damien moved.

“Modern apartment design typically doesn’t come with a lot of storage, which means you have to be intentional and deliberate about what you keep and what you get rid of,” said Sam.

Sam taylor bedroom

The third resident of the apartment is Archie, a tibby pug and adorable knitwear enthusiast. Archie joins an ample residency of other dogs in the building. He has taken to apartment living and can be found basking in some sunshine in the balcony garden. The family of three walk around the surrounding parks twice a day, using the time to enjoy nature, take a breather, and connect.

Sam taylor balcony

A desire to lower their lifestyle’s footprint made forgoing a car an easy choice – and one that came with a lot of freedom and financial perks. In addition to saving on the upfront expense of a carpark, Sam and Damien were free of the costs and mental space of organising insurance, rego, and the other responsibilities that come with car ownership.

“At the end of the day it's really just being open to things. Looking at the established norms of suburban living in a different way, and considering options such as hiring a car or carpooling,” said Sam.

All the necessities are within arm’s reach, with a gym, pool, and expansive entertaining deck which is embraced for summer get-togethers. It’s fully equipped with barbecues and plants – complete with herbs for residents.

Sam said, “apartment living essentially lets you outsource stressful aspects of house-management. I never have to clean the gutters, take out the bins, redo the roof, or mow the lawn.”

Bohem pool

City living also allows a fluid and spontaneous approach to stocking the fridge and grabbing a bite on the go. Gone are the days of a huge fortnightly shop when a stroll through the Adelaide Central Market twice a day is the norm. Genki Sushi down Gouger Street, and Market St on Market St, remain regular favourites, and when pressed for other city spots, Sam puts it quite simply, “good coffee is a prerequisite.”

The quest is made particularly easy with Arbour Kitchen opening its doors in mid 2018. The eatery reflects the rest of bohem’s aesthetic with floor-to-ceiling glass doors which spill in generous natural light, a simple earthy colour palette, and an abundance of plants – of course. You’ll often find Sam and Damien here kicking the morning off.

Sam taylor arbour kitchen

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