Juicy smoothie spots in the city

South Australian produce is some of the best in the world which makes for flavour packed and vibrant sips. What better way to get your 3 and 5 a day than having them in a juice, smoothie, or smoothie bowl. Here’s our list of the best juice bars and smoothie jaunts in the city, so you can sip your way to a healthier you.

Field to Fork Wholefoods Kitchen

Stall 73-74, House of Health Collective, Adelaide Central Market

Field to Fork Wholefoods Kitchen is House of Health Collective’s newly opened restaurant, located within their Adelaide Central Market stall. Field to Fork focuses on just that – providing farm fresh, low intervention produce to the patrons of their newly developed eatery. Their smoothie and juice menu benefits greatly from this ethos, as you’re able to taste the freshness of their ingredients. Depending on your definition of ‘smoothie bowl’, Field to Fork is also a stockist of CocoWhip, a vegan and dairy-free ice cream made from coconut water that comes with all the toppings.

If you need to justify the use of their peanut butter 'fountain' – yes, you read that right, they have an ever-flowing stream of warm peanut butter – we give you permission to call your tub of gooey peanut butter a smoothie bowl as well.


Shop 21/22 Central Market Plaza Gouger Street, Adelaide

Whole + Some is not only wholesome place for your body, it's wonderful for the earth. This store, tucked away in Market Plaza, specialises in bulk buy grains, flours and seeds plus juices. Their juice bar is always serving up the freshest concoctions and their glass food case is always filled to the brim with the healthiest and yummiest raw and vegan treats around. We suggest you make a stop here on your next grocery trip and enjoy a fresh juice while shop!


Stall 69, Adelaide Central Market

You can find the most delightful, colourful and filling smoothies at Jamu. Their bright pink decor will catch your eye and the menu will capture your attention. Choose from chia bowls, cold pressed juices, acai bowls, smoothies and a wild selection of raw vegan treats! Tiny pineapple, star or heart shaped chocolates adorn some of their fancier smoothies to make you smile just that bit more.

Delicia Acai + Protein Bar

74A Melbourne Street, North Adelaide
24 Ebenezer Place, East End Adelaide

Delicia Acai + Protein Bar have health food covered – from their health drinks, performance drinks, raw treats, protein shakes, and acai bowls, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Their standout menu item must be their namesake range of acai they offer. It’s organic and traditional, just like the acai hailing from Brazil. Between Delicia Acai + Protein bar’s two Adelaide locations, their online ordering mechanism, and their presence on UberEats and Deliveroo, you can get your acai fix whenever and wherever you are!

Juiced Life

Lower Ground, Rundle Place, Adelaide

Juiced Life juices began in retaliation to a cold – one of the founders had a weak immune system growing up and found the only thing that would ease his sniffly nose was blending his own juice concoctions. Juiced Life is all about health and vitality – their range of wellness shots aim to help with any colds being battled, and their juices are formulated in conjunction with nutritionists to ensure you get the most out of each of your juices!