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Yoga at Wellington Square

Wondered if yoga was all about twisting like a pretzel?
Ever attempted a few classes only to feel overwhelmed by all the downward dogs and Pranayamas?
Simply looking for peace of mind, a balanced body and a step towards a better life?

Experience benefits like improved flexibility, posture and balance, increased muscle-strength and tone, stress, anxiety and depression relief, enhanced sleep quality, improved respiration, energy and vitality.
You will also feel a greater sense of happiness and calm, improved athletic performance, and the opportunity to meet other yogis from all walks of life and fitness levels.

Having your feet in the grass is a great way to relieve stress and it's an actual earth connection. In yoga, you spend a lot of time focusing on your breathing. Deep breathing in nature adds that extra kick to oxygenate your body, which increases energy. Also, mindfulness in an outdoor setting heightens mental awareness and allows us to notice patterns of tension that can be changed.

The best part? This class is free of cost but bookings are required.
Come to the mat.

Contact Details

0452 182 878


Yoga at Wellington Square

Wellington Square/Kudnartu
North Adelaide SA 5006

21 January 2023 — 25 April 2026

Next Occurrence:
22 June 2024

22/06/2024 06:00 PM 22/06/2024 07:00 PM


Caters for people who use a wheelchair.


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