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Exhibition: BROKEN

It can sometimes feel like the world is so BROKEN that nothing will ever change. Housing, education, universal services, politics, collaboration. The list goes on. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The world has changed before and it will change again.

The exhibition BROKEN is an exploration of how the world could be different if it were possible to imagine new ways of being. If the old systems are broken, what should be built in their place?

See how trees might have a voice in politics, explore how learning could mean more, and hear from Time Commissioners about what’s important now and 60,000 years into the future. What does putting nature first look like? Could teenagers have more say in their futures? Is it possible to have somewhere to live when no one owns a house?

Come explore alternate worlds and imagine different ways of shaping a better future.

Contact Details

8302 6663



Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000

2 February 2024 — 22 November 2024

Next Occurrence:
21 April 2024

21/04/2024 10:00 AM 21/04/2024 05:00 PM


Welcomes and assists people who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behaviour. (includes people with autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, acquired brain injury (ABI), dyslexia and dementia)

Caters for people who are blind or have vision loss.

Caters for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Caters for people with sufficient mobility to climb a few steps but who would benefit from fixtures to aid balance. (This includes people using walking frames and mobility aids)

Caters for people who use a wheelchair.


  • Cafe
  • Family Friendly
  • Non Smoking
  • Public Toilet
  • Shop / Gift Shop