photo-icon North Adelaide Dog Park, Robe Terrace

Adelaide Dog Parks

The Adelaide Park Lands are home to many places where dogs can exercise and play, either on or off the lead. Exercising, socialising and having fun are all important aspects of a dog’s life - and yours too! 

Pityarilla Dog Park

The fenced dog park in Pelzer Park / Pityarilla Activity Hub includes natural obstacles such as logs, rocks and turfed areas for plenty of fur-baby fun. There are two seperate sections for small and large dogs and the park features a water play feature for dogs, with plenty of shelter and seating for dog owners.

Located in the southern Adelaide Park Lands. Entrance off the northern end of Glen Osmond Road

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North Adelaide Dog Park

This fully fenced dog park Bragg Park / Ngampa Yarta in is suitable for all dogs. It has a section for smaller dogs and puppies, with a second section for all dogs.

Your dog will love running through the doggy tunnels. You can rest under the shade or at the sheltered seating areas, whilst they play and socialise.

For your convenience, lighting is available in the small dog park from dusk until 10pm every day. For 30 minutes of light, push the button at the entrance of the park or within the park. When the 30-minute period is about to end, the lights will flicker as a warning, then turn off unless the button is pressed again. 

Located in the northern Adelaide Park Lands, entrance off Robe Terrace - near the corner of Main North Road

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Rules for dog park use

Adhering to the following rules and guidelines when your dog is in public and at a City of Adelaide dog park, ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.

  1. Ensure your dog is under effective control at all times
  2. Pick up after your dog; parks have bins and courtesy bag dispensers for disposing of dog waste
  3. Remove your dog if it is a nuisance to other park users
  4. Dogs must be registered, vaccinated and wear a visible Dog Registration Disc
  5. Children must be supervised at all times
  6. Small dog parks are limited to dogs 14kg and under
  7. Puppies under the age of six months are not permitted at the North Adelaide Dog Park. This rule applies to puppies under the age of four months at Pelzer Park / Pityarilla Activity Hub
  8. Food, alcohol, bicycles and sports activities are not permitted in the dog parks.
  9. If you find a lost dog in the Park Lands, or lose your dog, please contact 8203 7203.

Dog friendly areas

We are currently in the process of reviewing our on and off leash areas. We recommend walking your dog safely on leash. Dogs must be on leash inside playgrounds and around areas where sport is being played. If you would like to walk your dog of leash we recommend only doing so during quieter periods and please remember you must be able to see your dog and it must respond to your voice commands.

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi

With its wide-open spaces, extensive trails and varied terrain, Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi is an ideal exercise and fitness space for both you and your dog.

Even the most hyperactive dogs will get a good workout on the trails. Add variety to your exercise regime and take a brisk walk towards the fitness stations. While your dog explores, you can try the free fitness machines or stretch on the support bars.

Golden Wattle Park / Mirnu Wirra

Located close to South Terrace, you can bring a frisbee or tennis ball to this park and challenge your pet with a fun play session. Invite friends to join you then wind down later at the nearby Lundie Gardens for a barbeque.

Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli

Located on the north-western edge of the city and with fantastic facilities nearby, this on-leash area is great for the whole family, two-legged and four. Extend your visits on sunny days by packing a picnic basket and indulging in fun down time with family and friends.

Ellis Park / Tampawardli

Situated near Adelaide High School, and with plenty of off-street parking at nearby West Terrace, this off-leash area combines pooch time with the opportunity to enjoy sporting activities with the whole family.

Meet here after school or during working hours and let your dog run free while the kids enjoy a game of football or cricket at the oval, or a game of tennis, netball or basketball at the courts.