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HL Jackman, Colonel Light Memorial, granite, close-up

HL Jackman, Colonel Light Memorial, granite, northern view

HL Jackman, Colonel Light Memorial, granite, southern view

HL Jackman, Colonel Light Memorial, granite, including water

Colonel Light Memorial

HL Jackman

Colonel William Light was the Colony's first Surveyor-General and was given sole responsibility for selecting the site of Adelaide and preparing the City Plan in 1836-37. He died from tuberculosis in 1839 and was greatly mourned.

His grave in Light Square is notable for being his final resting place and is also likely to be the only marked grave outside a dedicated cemetery in the metropolitan area.

The original monument over his grave was completed in 1844 and was significant as one of the Colony's earliest memorials. This original Gothic styled monument was constructed from sandstone and over time decayed and was replaced with the current memorial in 1905.

The 11 metre high memorial was designed by H L Jackman and is made from South Australian granite, grey Mintaro granite and Murray Bridge red granite and topped with a tripod and a theodolite, the tools of a surveyor.

Light Square/ Wauwi, Morphett Street, Adelaide 5000

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