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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

The Lion Hotel, Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, c1910

Photo taken 01 January 1910

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 10426

The Lion Hotel was first licensed in 1881 and became the Old Lion in 1972. James H White was the licensee from 1906 to 1912.

Bookmaker's Clerk Fined £60
How George Nelson Carter, barman, of the Lion Hotel, Melbourne street, Lower North Adelaide, was found locked in the cellar of the hotel on December 17 and had been recording bets, transmitted to him from the bar by means of an electric light conduit, was told by the Police Prosecutor (Mr. Bond) in the Adelaide Police Court today. Carter pleaded guilty to a charge of having been on the premises of the hotel for the purpose of unlawful betting. He was fined £60 with 15/ costs by Mr. Muirhead. S.M. in default two months' imprisonment. He was given six months in which to pay. Mr. Bond said Plainclothes Constables Flint, Barrington, Russel and Ryan visited the hotel at 1.30 p.m. on December 17. They forced a trapdoor in the bar and saw Carter in the cellar below. When Carter was asked why he was locked in the cellar he replied that he had been bottling wine there. Pencils were found in his pocket. There were no signs of bottling having been done. Only two empty bottles were in the cellar. Betting slips were found in the cellar. Carter denied that the entries on them were in his writing. Mr. Bond said that parts of the slips were charred, as if an attempt had been made to burn them. Matches were found on the cellar floor. Carter had given a sample of his writing, which was similar to that on the betting slips. The bookmaker in the bar above had communicated with Carter by means of a conduit pipe. It was to be said in favor of Carter that he had pleaded guilty, said Mr. Bond.
The News, Wednesday 4 January 1933, p5

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