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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

The Lion Hotel and Brewery, Jerningham Street, North Adelaide, c1880

Photo taken 31 December 1879

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 8979

The Lion Hotel was first licensed in 1881 and became the Old Lion in 1972. The brewery dates from the early 1870s and continued until 1914. A craft brewery opened in the 1980s but no longer operates.

An audacious robbery was committed at the Lion Hotel, North Adelaide, on Thursday evening. It appears that some trades men had been recently engaged to paint and paper the interior of the housed-which has lately been transferred to a new licensee. When the painters relinquished work on Thursday they left a ladder standing in such a position as to render access to a bedroom on the upper storey easy. Whilst the licensee (Mrs. Buckerfield) and her family were at tea, a young man, who has since confessed to the robbery, and is known to the police, ascended the ladder, and expeditiously rifled a drawer containing valuables.
The booty, which was, reached by the use of a duplicate key, included a gold watch, diamond studs, gold chains, gold brooches, and a few pounds in cash, the total value being estimated at over £70. The police were promptly communicated with, and the culprit was discovered within a few hours. He described circumstantially what he had done, and gave the police information leading to the discovery of the plunder, most of which had been deftly hidden in reeds besides the Torrens.'
The Advertiser, Saturday 1 August 1903, p6

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