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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Lord Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, c1920

Photo taken 01 January 1920

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 35463

One can assume that these workmen would have visited the Lord Melbourne (which is in the background) after their exertions at the petrol station.

Originally on the opposite (northern) side of Melbourne Street to its present location, the Lord Melbourne Inn was established in 1851. Changing to the Lord Melbourne Hotel, it moved to the southern side in 1869.

A quoit match was played on Saturday, May 7, at the Lord Melbourne Hotel, between Messrs. EL Goldfinch and Joe Ellis for the championship of South Australia. The game was 51 points up, and resulted in a win for Goldfinch by 1 point. Great interest was taken in the match.'
South Australian Weekly Chronicle, Saturday 14 May 1887, p15

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