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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

British Hotel, Finniss Street, North Adelaide, 1941

Photo taken 05 November 1941

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 10730

The oldest license in North Adelaide, the British began trading in December 1837. The building in this photograph dates from 1883.

'Woman Fined
Making bets with an illegal bookmaker at North Adelaide on March 2, cost Yvonne Verna Dawson, 28, home duties, of Finniss street, North Adelaide. £5 with 10/ costs. The case was heard ex-parte. Constable Coghlan prosecuted. Constable White said that he interviewed the defendant on March 3, and she admitted having been in the parlor of the British Hotel, lower North Adelaide, the previous day when a man named Alexander was arrested for illegal betting. The defendant was told that when Alexander was arrested be had betting slips his possession. Some of the slips contained names of racehorses, amounts of money, and also the defendant's name alongside them. She admitted that she had had some bets with Alexander.'
The Advertiser, Saturday 16 March 1946, p8

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