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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Castle Inn, Hindley Street, Adelaide, 1938

Photo taken 09 February 1938

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 7385

North-west corner of Hindley Street and Morphett Street. The Joiners' Arms was previously adjacent to this site from 1839-1847 when the Castle Inn was built. Remodelled in 1953. Demolished in 1966. The Overway Hotel (now the Rosemont) can be see across Morphett Street.

Sleep Walker Injured
Walking over a balcony, apparently in his sleep, at the Castle Inn, Hindley street, last night, Horace Nelson sustained head injuries and was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital in an unconscious condition. Today he was in a serious condition but was progressing as well as could be expected. Nelson, who is about 19 years of age, was employed as a yardman at the Castle Inn. He went to bed on the balcony of the hotel at 7 o'clock, and when Mrs. M. McEnhill (licensee) looked on the balcony before closing up she saw him sleeping soundly. Mr. W. Quinn was sleeping near by. Shortly after 9 o'clock Mr. Quinn woke up and saw Nelson disappearing over the balcony rail, which is about 4 ft. high. He fell to the roadway in Hindley street. A policeman noticed him fall. It is thought that the young man was walking in his sleep'
The News, Tuesday, 17 February, 1925, p6

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