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Heritage Places of Adelaide

Anglican Church Office (former St Barnabas Theological College Building)

14-20 King William Road NORTH ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

Built in 1881 as the Colony's first training college for the Anglican clergy, the former St Barnabas Theological College Building is historically significant for its ability to demonstrate the growth of the Anglican Church in South Australia. Although ceasing to function as a college in 1950, the building's association with the Anglican Church has continued through its subsequent use as the Anglican Church Office.Architecturally, it is a good example of the work of the prominent Adelaide architect Daniel Garlick, with later additions designed by English and Soward. It is a good example of late Victorian Gothic style, being a balanced though asymmetrical design, with elements of English Tudor detailing. Major extensions added in 1910 and 1920 were executed in a complementary though more functional style due to financial constraints, and the overall integrity of the building is high.[Adapted from: Barry C Rowney, St Barnabas College Conservation Plan for Anglican Community Services, May 1991]

Listing Information

  • Date of Listing: 11 September 1986

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