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Heritage Places of Adelaide

Adelaide Fire Station

81-129 Wakefield Street ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

Earlier Station on site

City Archives, HP0086, circa 1890

Previous Station on site

City Archives, HP1352, circa 1905

The Adelaide Fire Station complex noted for its innovative design is an outstanding example of postmodern architecture. Designed by architect Rod Roach, in partnership with Woodhead Australia, between 1976 and 1983. The design references the fire station it replaced as well as indicating the future scale and role of the Metropolitan Fire Service.The main building is particularly notable for its dramatic elevation to Wakefield Street in which prominent semi-circular brick towers 'bookend' the central section of the building. The central facade also includes a projecting horizontal storey, beneath which is double-height articulated glazing, providing visual and physical access to the fire engines within. The concrete training tower, smaller auxiliary buildings and landscape elements on the site employ the same design language as the main building, contributing to the design integrity of the complex.

Listing Information

  • Date of Listing: 16 September 2015
  • Heritage Listing Criteria:

    Criteria E: it demonstrates a high degree of creative, aesthetic or technical accomplishment or is an outstanding representative of particular construction techniques or design characteristics;

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