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Ramen & Izakaya Himeji

Mr Shozo Ikeda (Ikeda san) has a long standing history of sharing Japanese culture and cuisine with Adelaide. Ikeda san grew up in Himeji in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. As a young man, he first arrived in Himeji’s sister city in 1987.

His first culinary venture in Adelaide was in 1993 when he opened Himeji Japanese restaurant on O’Connell Street in North Adelaide. Himeji restaurant specialises in traditional Japanese haute cuisine Kaiseki Ryori.

In 2001, Ikeda san launched Genki Roll Sushi when David Jones relaunched in their new premise. Genki Roll Sushi was well patronised and grew to include another five outlets.

Ikeda san’s latest venture is Sushi Bar Genki on Gouger Street, Adelaide. This store launched in 2013 and celebrated it second anniversary in July this year.

In keeping with Ikeda san’s motto of “healthy living”, he opened Ramen and Izakaya Himeji Restaurant in year 2014, bringing Tonkotsu Kyushu Style Raman to Adelaideans. It is a new style of Raman not yet experience in Adelaide. The soup stock is a style that blends a pork base stock with bonito and other seafood. The restaurant also serves authentic Japanese Izakaya dishes, Mayura Wagyu beef – tataki style or grill style.
Ramen & Izakaya Himeji
22-24 GROTE STREET Adelaide South Australia 5000

8410 0102


  • Caters for people who use a wheelchair.


  • Private Dining Area