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Nature and Consciousness // The Main Gallery

The Main Gallery is excited to welcome eight artists from South Australia, including three artists from regional areas, to celebrate SALA Festival with the "Nature and Consciousness" group exhibition curated by Sarah Northcottt who is a finalist in the City of Onkaparinga Contemporary Curator Award for the exhibition.

Thank you to City of Adelaide for supporting this fabulous exhibition with their arts and cultural grant program.

Deborah Sleeman

Fran Callen

John Foubister

Lee Salomone

Maarten Daudeij

Sonali Patel

Sue Michael

Susan Bruce

Artists ponder panpsychism and the 'nature' of consciousness in trees and plants, fungi, bacteria, molecules, and viruses. What is it like to be a rock? How do plants communicate, learn, and remember? When we consider the natural world as having a mind and a conscious experience of pleasure, pain, and visual and auditory phenomena, our thoughts on how we treat and connect with the natural environment are refocused.

#nature #consciousness #environmentalethics #artandtheenvironment #memory #curator #sala #themaingalleryau

Image: Sue Michael, Waite Arboritum sketch no. 2., watercolour and pencil on paper, 20 x 30 cm, 2022.
Nature and Consciousness // The Main Gallery
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