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Midnight Spaghetti

Follow the brightly lit neon sign inviting you “upstairs for Angel hairs” and you found Midnight Spaghetti.

With indoor booth or bar seating, to alfresco aperitivos on the balcony, both settings will have you scanning the walls for forgotten framed celebrities, irreverent paraphernalia & more spaghetti thats failed the stick test than you’ve ever seen.

The designed space welcomes guests into the care free restaurant which draws style from the 1981 Italian sex comedy it was aptly named for (Spaghetti a Mezzanotte).
Each aspect amalgamating into quite simply, a really good looking pasta bar with no, no nonsense.

Principal Pan-Handler JP states “You wont believe its just water, eggs & flour mixed together once it hits your lips” as he explains some of the late night offerings
moonlighting the menu with generous modern spins on homely classics. “Some things like the piano accordion, never get old”.

Like the Italian folk classic Ce La Luna, Mezzo Mare the wine list sings out to you. Drawing classics hailing from the alps to the boot, local favourites, plus jugs of beer on every table.

Regardless of whether you are passing through or staying the night, don’t worry about it.

Midnight Spaghetti will look after you, just don't forget to kiss your mother.
Midnight Spaghetti
196 Grenfell Street Adelaide South Australia 5000

0419 707 300


  • Bar
  • Family Friendly
  • Non Smoking
  • Alfresco/Outdoor Dining
  • Suitable for Functions
  • Private Dining Area