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Kumarninthi Cultural Education

At Kumarninthi Cultural Education, we are on a mission to change this by bringing cultural education sessions, art workshops, and cultural tours to schools, organisations and communities across Australia. We strive to share the knowledge, beauty, and significance of Aboriginal culture with the wider community, with a strong emphasis on education for children.

The word "Kumarninthi" is from the Kaurna language group, meaning "Becoming One." This embodies our mission at Kumarninthi Cultural Education, where we work towards creating a society where people can become one with Aboriginal culture, history, and values. Our workshops and sessions/programs aim to create awareness and bring a positive shift in perceptions by sharing the beauty and importance of Aboriginal culture. We believe that education is the key to creating a better future for all, starting with the children of today and spanning out to all age groups.

Our Tours provide you with the opportunity to connect with Aboriginal culture, learn about the values and beliefs of the First Nations people, and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of Aboriginal culture to Australia's past, present, and future. Designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing participants to experience the true essence of Aboriginal culture.
Kumarninthi Cultural Education
Adelaide South Australia 5000

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