Walking trail Bundey’s Paddock / Tidlangga

Last updated 13 July, 2021
Suitable for mobility aids Short and easy walk North Adelaide

What to expect in Bundey’s Paddock / Tidlangga

Bundey’s Paddock is a pocket of community activity in North Adelaide. The park offers bushland trails, two barbeque and picnic table areas, a sand pit and climbing walls for the community to enjoy.

Difficulty levelEasy
LengthTwo loops: 350 metre small loop, 500 metre larger loop
Walking surfacesBitumen, concrete and gravel
Mobility suitabilitySuits all prams
Suits walking aids 
Wheelchair access
DogsSuitable for dog walking
Path widthApproximately 2 metres
Possible hazardsLeaves and sticks on paths
Uneven surfaces
AmenitiesShaded seating
Drinking fountain
Playspaces and courts
ParkingFree parking on Mackinnon Parade and Bundey’s Road


Tidlangga translates to ‘tidla root place’ in Kaurna language. The tidla was known as a bulbous root eaten by the Kaurna people.

From the 1850s to 1870s, the park was used for grazing cows as well as collecting fire wood. It had a rural character, surrounded with post and wire fencing, some of which remains on the northern side.

The park was created in 1871 when Bundeys Road was opened, one of several roads constructed through the Park Lands.

Historically, this park was known as ‘Bundey’s Paddock’ in the 1880s, referring to the location on Bundeys Road and in reference to William Bundey who was the Mayor of Adelaide from 1883–1886.