The worst travel times in Australia and the world revealed

Last updated 19 May, 2021

Adelaide’s commute has been named one of the world’s best but other Australian capitals fared much worse.

The commute to work is getting even harder in most of Australia’s capital cities but few places in the world have it as good as Adelaide, new figures reveal.

The stats show Australia’s infrastructure and public transport struggling to keep up with a boom in the population, but while Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane workers suffer through commutes as bad as New York, Paris and London’s, the figures show Adelaide’s average commute is among the top 20 easiest on Earth.

The figures come as an awkwardly timed piece of trivia for South Australia’s Marshall Government after it shut down trains and trams yesterday and today respectively so it could spruik its privatisation plans to public transport workers.

Sydney is the worst in the country with the drive to work taking an average of 42 minutes — that’s nearly as bad as in New York (43min) and London (46min).

The time in Brisbane isn’t great either at 40 minutes, followed by Melbourne at 39 minutes.

The Harbour City also ranked worst for public transport, with the commute to work taking an average 82 minutes a day, compared to 80 minutes in Melbourne and 68 minutes in Brisbane.

Journey to work in sydney

The journey to work in Sydney takes an average 42 minutes a day. Picture: John Grainger. Source: News Corp Australia.

Those times are nearly as bad as in New York (87min), London (84min) and Paris (64min).

Melbourne, however, was the worst for public transport waiting times at 14 minutes.

The wait for public transport was 13 minutes in both Sydney and Brisbane, followed by 11 minutes in Adelaide.

The figures were released by UK-based Moneybarn today as it
revealed a list of the best and worst countries for commuting to work.

Of the 114 cities analysed, three Australian cities were in the top 30.

Canberra ranked the sixth best city in the world for commuters, scoring well for having the lowest air pollution levels and the most cycle ways per capita, as well as for the small amount of time spent in traffic.

Other Australian cities which performed well were Adelaide taking 18th position and Melbourne in 24th.

Three-quarters of the best-performing cities were in Europe.

Germany dominated three of the top five positions.

Amsterdam ranked top overall, followed by Munich and Oslo in second and third place. Hamburg and Berlin completed the top five.

On the lower end, Istanbul ranked as the worst city for commuting, closely followed by Ankara, Hong Kong, Izmir and Cape Town.

Our most congested roads 

      ● Artamon to Sydney Harbour Tunnel via Gore Hill Freeway/Warringah Freeway

          ● Narraweena to Chatswood via Warringah Road, Sydney

          ● Ipswich Motorway to Indooroopilly via Centenary Highway, Brisbane

          ● Hornsby to Parramatta via Pennant Hills Road, Sydney

          ● Westmead to Strathfield via M4, Sydney

          ● Artamon to Surry Hills via Pacific Highway/Sydney Harbour Bridge/Cahill Expressway/Eastern Distributor

          ● Strathfield to Haberfield via Parramatta Road, Sydney

          ● Airport to city via Tullamarine Freeway, Melbourne

          ● Haberfield to Broadway via Parramatta Rd, Sydney

          Source: Veitch Lister Consulting (2019)

          Compare the states 

          Time in traffic 

          Sydney: 42.43

          Brisbane: 40.45

          Melbourne: 39.04

          Perth: 36.07

          Adelaide: 28.82

          Canberra: 22.88

          Source: Numbeo

          Time on public transport every day 

          Sydney: 82min

          Melbourne: 80min

          Brisbane: 68min

          Adelaide: 65min

          Source: MoovitApp

          Time waiting for public transport 

          Melbourne: 14min

          Sydney: 13min

          Brisbane: 13min

          Adelaide: 11min

          Source: MoovitApp

          Compare the world 

          Time in traffic

          New York: 43.27min

          London: 46.25min

          Paris: 41.66min

          Berlin: 34.30min

          Montreal: 39.46

          Source: Numbeo

          Time on public transport every day 

          New York: 87min

          London: 84min

          Paris: 64min

          Berlin: 62min

          Montreal: 87min

          Source: MoovitApp

          Time waiting for public transport 

          New York: 15min

          London: 13min

          Paris: 12min

          Berlin: 10min

          Montreal: 14min

          Source: MoovitApp

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