Taste the world in Adelaide

Last updated 05 July, 2021

While many international borders still remain closed, how about travelling to different parts of the world through food? After all, food has a magically special way of connecting us as it transcends geographical borders. Here's an invitation for you and your family or friends to bond over platters of cheese, baskets of dumplings, or a sizzling hot pot filled with Sichuan soup - albeit individual serves for now.

South Australia's quality produce and Adelaide's increasingly diverse community has brought about a wide range of cuisines available at our doorstep. To celebrate this, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite restaurants in Adelaide that will take you a journey around the world through the five continents. 

Happy feasting!

Busan Baby

272 Morphett Street, Adelaide

A relatively newcomer to the Adelaide food scene, Busan Baby is a cute, fun, and vibrant Korean pop-up bar and restaurant. Bursting with bright pop colours, treat yourself post-isolation with a basket of KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) and uniquely Busan Baby cocktails like the 'Psy-tini', an expertly mixed combination of gin and korean raspberry wine served with the glamourous PSY* factor.

*PSY is the popular South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer who shot to Western fame with his catchy song, Gangnam Style.

Yakitori Takumi

60/55 Melbourne St, North Adelaide


Yakitori Takumi is one of Adelaide’s first Japanese izakaya (a type of Japanese bar serving small, tapas-like dishes) and is known for its consistently delicious yakitoris. Yakitori refers to the Japanese type of grilled skewered chicken, however, you’ll find many other types of grilled ingredients served here from rice balls (onigiri) to miso-glazed eggplants. Treat yourself to one of Japan’s popular street food!

Kutchi Deli Parwana

7 Ebenezer Pl, Adelaide

Born from a simple vision to share with Adelaide an authentic piece of Afghanistan, Kutchi Deli Parwana is the place to go for an authentic taste of Afghanistan cuisine. Heaped platters of long grain rices, decorated with jewel-like toppings, deliciously simple and beautiful fusion of beauty and flavour, Kutchi Deli Parwana never disappoints. 

Kin Kin Thai Eatery

Shop 4/ 242 Hutt St. Adelaide


For a true infusion of flavours at an affordable price, Kin Kin Thai Eatery is the place to head to. Thai cuisine is known for its emphasis on a balance of flavours to create a harmonious experience, and Kin Kin Thai Eatery is the place to indulge in guilt-free full sensory street food dining – flavoursome food with a little noise, just as it would be on the streets of Thailand.


116/116A Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000


If you haven’t already tried Malaysian cuisine… well, you must. A melting pot of cultures, Malaysia is known for its diverse range of food with a blend of Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian heritage. Papparich, a well-known Malaysian franchise, serves deliciously authentic Malaysian street food at an affordable price. The perfect spot for brunch, lunch, tea, and dinner!

Tangritah Uyghur Restaurant

100 Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000


Adelaide is home to the largest Uyghur community in Australia, so it’s no surprise the city has some of the best Uyghur restaurants in South Australia. Uyghur cuisine originates from Xinjiang province in China, however is unlike most types you’ll find at a Chinatown. It’s a mix between central Asian and Turkish tradition. And because the Uyghur ethnic minority is predominantly Muslim, its cuisine is halal. Rich, hearty, and wholesome, this is one restaurant you want to visit especially during the cooler months.

Le Souk

Adelaide Central Market, Stall 10, Gouger Street, Adelaide


Authentically French Algerian, lovingly prepared with amazing South Australia produce, Le Souk is a must-try at the local Adelaide Central Market. Expect to be spoiled with slow-cooked meats, rich and juicy with flavour and nutrition, while enjoying a hot cup of freshly brewed mint tea

Le Riad

314b Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000


Le Riad is one of those places that fall under the hidden gem category. You wouldn’t know that you are steps away from Morocco with this little restaurant on Pulteney Street. Big smiles and food that will leave you wanting more, Le Riad stays true to its Moroccan roots with their traditionally cooked dishes.


42 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide


Established in 1975, Zapata's is Adelaide's oldest Mexican restaurant. They have all of your beloved Mexican classics including tacos, enchiladas and nachos, which are complimented with western flavours to suit all tastes. They also have a number of vegetarian and gluten free meals to please the whole family.

Two-Bit Villains

Adelaide Arcade, 150 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

American diner

Popular for its vegetarian cuisine, Two-Bit Villains (TBV) burst onto the Adelaide food scene at the right time. With an atmosphere that’s quirky and one-of-a-kind, TBV is perhaps known best for their handcrafted sodas – and deservedly so! Made completely with real fruit and spices, your first taste will leave you craving for more. Remember to sink your teeth into one of TBV’s burgers (vegetarian-friendly) made entirely from vegetables!

Sosta Argentinian Kitchen

291 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000


The perfect place for a feast, Sosta Argentinian Kitchen serves up hearty (and meaty) meals all year long. While it offers a contemporary take on Argentinian cuisine, it still delivers on the traditional flavours of the South American country.


19 O'Connell St, North Adelaide


There’s a little something for everyone at Burgastronomy in North Adelaide. From grilled meat to mushrooms, their burgers leave you wanting more. And more you can have with their sides of sweet potato chips, to their unique jalapeno poppers (fritters).

Red Ochre Grill and River Café

War Memorial Dr, North Adelaide

Modern Australian 

For a meal with a view, Red Ochre Grill and River Café do it best. Situated along the banks of the River Torrens, the restaurant/ café prides itself with premium seasonal product, all carefully hand-selected from local South Australian producers. For this reason, their menu is an ever-changing one!

Tony Tomatoes

155 to 157 O'Connell St, North Adelaide


Serving up both traditional and modern pizzas, Tony Tomatoes is an award-winning pizza restaurant in North Adelaide and for great reason! All pizzas are hand made by dedicated chefs. They also cater to dietary requirements, offering a variety of pizza base (wholemeal or gluten-free).


260 Pulteney Street, Adelaide


Experience hospitality and exquisite cuisine dating back 15 centuries. Naaz use high quality ingredients in every dish and all their meat is premium quality. They bring the taste of home-made Persian cooking to every customer.