Minecraft Adelaide - Build the future city of Adelaide in Minecraft

Last updated 11 Apr, 2022

Ho, ho, ho! We've got a special Christmas Edition of the Minecraft Adelaide 2021 world available now. Download our Minecraft Adelaide world and build a city of the future!

The City of Adelaide Minecraft program is an experimental project. The Minecraft Adelaide world was first released to the public in April 2020, with the intention of providing a resource for people at home in isolation due to COVID-19. The Minecraft Adelaide world is still being developed and further iterations will be released in coming months. For more information, you can email the City of Adelaide Minecraft team at: minecraft@cityofadelaide.com.au.

Minecraft city awaits

A new adventure awaits...building the future city of Adelaide.

The scenario - Adelaide 2021

It is the year 2021 and the world is just emerging from a global virus pandemic.

The virus has now been eradicated in Australia, state borders have opened up again, and a vaccine has been successfully trialled overseas. There is a distinct air of optimism about the future.

Whilst the local economy in Adelaide was hit hard by the pandemic, most businesses have now reopened, domestic trade is growing, and consumer confidence is on the rise.

In order to kickstart the Australian economy, the government has announced significant funding for post-pandemic development. There is a desire to invest this money quickly in order to maximise economic gains in the short-term.

You’ve recently been appointed ‘Chief Town Planner and Engineer’ for Adelaide. You’ve been given a detailed plan of the city’s ‘built form’ as it currently stands, showing its buildings, public infrastructure, streets, park lands and other landmarks.

It’s your job to build the future city of Adelaide as quickly as you can. We've laid down the first 8 billion blocks, now it's your turn!

Whether you choose to modify the city as it currently stands—or start from scratch— is entirely up to you.

Does the city need a new rectangular sports stadium? A concert hall? A cross-town freeway? A subway rail system? If so, then build it. It’s your call.

What will your city of Adelaide look like?

2021 overview cropped2

What will your FUTURE city of Adelaide look like?

Download the Adelaide Minecraft world

There are download packages for JAVA edition (original Minecraft), BEDROCK edition (Microsoft Minecraft), PORTABLE edition (iOS and Android) and EDUCATION edition.  Each package contains the world, installation instructions, an overview, and tips for use.  

Please provide your name and an email address to download the package, so that we can keep you up-to-date with news, competitions and future planned releases of Adelaide worlds:

Download Minecraft Package


The City of Adelaide Minecraft project team acknowledges the Kaurna people as the Traditional Owners of the Country on which the Minecraft world is based, and pays its respect to Elders past and present. The Minecraft Adelaide world was generated using World Painter and GIMP from GIS data. The trees are from a bundle created by exsilit. The City of Adelaide acknowledges the work of work experience student Jonathon Bailey in the production of the world. The Education editions were created with support from Deborah Kroeger, Learning Technologies Consultant for Catholic Education South Australia (CESA). Minecraft is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. You can contact the City of Adelaide Minecraft project team at minecraft@cityofadelaide.com.au.