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Cycling coffee and culture stops

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It’s a whole lot easier to get yourself moving in the morning if there’s a coffee to entice you. Give your daily commute to and from the city an overhaul by turning it into an adventure to Adelaide's best cafes and parks, as well as community and cultural hubs.

South stops


The fastest way to transform yourself into a morning person is to awaken your senses with a hot coffee and feeling of wind whipping through your helmet hair! Cycle your way smoothly from the southern suburbs, past Mister Pigeon, and straight down to the east end on the bikeway on Frome Street. If you’re curious how large the cycling community is, keep an eye out for the bikeway counters that track daily and yearly cyclist numbers.

Mister Pigeon, 269 Gilles Street, Adelaide


Dust off those tennis rackets, dig out a basketball and recover your sneakers from under the couch – the courts at Pityarilla Activity Hub are the perfect place to shake up your afternoon routine. Before cycling home, cool down at Etica with a glass of something tasty and treat yourself to Adelaide's best pizza!

Etica, 125 Gillies Street, Adelaide

Pityarilla Activity Hub

North stops


Follow the winding paths around the glistening water of beautiful River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari. Grab a hot chocolate at Lounders Boatshed Café and sit by the river to enjoy the sounds of feathery floating friends. It can be easy to forget there’s a lovely river running right through the CBD, make a visit to its green banks a part of your morning ritual.

Lounders Boatshed Café, 1018 Victoria Dr, Adelaide


Swing away the stress of the day with a round of twilight golf. The North Adelaide Golf Course will give you all the tools you need to have a crack at sending a ball sailing over the green (or sinking into the sand!). Celebrate or commiserate after your round with a cold round at the Queens Head Hotel.

North Adelaide Golf Course, last round starts at 6.29pm

Queens Head Hotel, 117 Kermode Street, North Adelaide

East stops


Wake up and smell the roses... and freshly roasted coffee beans. Grab an expertly brewed cuppa from the connoisseurs at Exchange Coffee and then head to the Rymill Park Rose garden for an idyllic morning meander. This is the perfect excuse to hop off the O-Bahn early and do some early morning exploring.

Exchange Coffee, Shops 1-3, 12-18 Vardon Ave, Adelaide

Rymill Park Rose Garden, corner of Bartels road and Dequetteville Terrace


Reserve an afternoon to appreciate some of the finer things in life – start with a cocktail or two at the stunning Bar Torino before skipping over to Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi for a session of sunset butterfly watching. The unique biodiversity of the park makes it the ideal home for the rare Chequered Copper Butterfly!

Bar Torino, 158 Hutt St, Adelaide
Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi

West stops


At the edge of the leafy stretch of War Memorial Drive sits a somewhat unexpected pocket of community activity. On one side of park terrace sits Plant 4 Bowden and on the other sits the Park Terrace Community Garden. Grab a treat from one of the Plant 4 Cafes or bakery, the Lost Loaf and admire the handiwork of local green thumbs before continuing your journey to the city by walking up the gorgeous Linear Park Trail.

Plant 4, 5 Third street, Bowden

Get your culture fix with an afternoon adventure through MOD., where art and science collide in a most innovative and interactive ways. Then come back down to earth after your futuristic experience by winding your way up river along the Linear Park Trail. 

MOD., North Terrace, adjacent Morphett Street Bridge, Adelaide, Open after 5 on week nights.