Blitz Golf returns to the city

Last updated 31 Jan, 2024

Dubbed 'the T20 of Golf’, Australia’s newest golf tournament Blitz Golf is bringing its final to the heart of the city at the North Adelaide Golf Course on Friday 6 January. The event will bring a festival atmosphere to the golf course, combining food, music and sport into a 10-hole golf extravaganza. Experience Adelaide chats with pro-golfers Wade Ormsby and Antonio Murdaca, and Blitz Golf founder Simon Zybek about what they love about the city.

What do you love about the city?

As an avid coffee lover, Antonio feels spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a good coffee in the city. “We’ve got a good variety of amazing restaurants and cafes. Coffee is pretty popular in Adelaide, as it is everywhere in Australia, but we’re pretty lucky with some great spots in the city.”

Hailing from Adelaide, both players hold a special place for the city in their hearts and community is a big focus. “We both started at the same club, at the Grange Golf Club” says Wade. “It’s also a really tight golfing community, with all the elite players and amateurs knowing each other. Everyone in Adelaide is pretty close” says Antonio.

Bringing the Blitz Golf tournament to Adelaide was a no brainer for tournament founder Simon. “For me, it’s a city that gets behind events. Every event that comes to Adelaide is well supported. I think Adelaide is one of those cities that has always gotten behind events in general.”

What makes the North Adelaide Golf Course so special?

The location of the golf course is very advantageous as Simon explains. “Well, honestly, how often do you get a golf course right in the middle of the city with views? This is a feast. This event has huge potential because of the location being this close to the city.”

“Yeah, I think it’s awesome. The course is quite pretty. You’ve got the views. You’ve got everything here” says Antonio.

What are you most excited for in the tournament?

Playing in front of a home crowd is pretty special for Wade. “For me, I’ve played most of my golf around the world and I always love coming home to Adelaide. When Simon picked up the phone and asked me to play here, I was like, fantastic, let’s do it because I don’t often get the chance to play at home in front of friends and family.”

“It’s quite unique to have a golf course right in the middle of town and you’ve got Adelaide Oval right there. There’s always a great buzz around this area.”

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