Five must-see Adelaide Fringe music shows, according Gospo Collective's Charmaine Jones

Last updated 23 Feb, 2023

She can sing and, no doubt, is ready to dance with somebody — Gospo Collective's Charmaine Jones and her team are putting on Whitney — The Greatest Love of All as part of the Adelaide Fringe.

Experience Adelaide caught up with the praised singer who is set to bring the sound, power and spirit of the late Whitney Houston to Gluttony.

These are the top five music picks at the Adelaide Fringe, according to Charmaine Jones.

Whitney — The Greatest Love of All is on at The Fantail, in Gluttony, 7-13 March at 8:30 pm and matinees.

Still Alive and Kicking

I met this amazing human at a shoot for Fringe a few years back, and we just clicked from the get-go. I think a lot of that was based on our views of life and death, and survival. Those experiences always make for great immediate connections with people and leads to great creativity.

Still Alive and Kicking is a story of life, death and life again. It’s funny, moving and joyous; just like gorgeous Gill, who is a survivor of the 2005 London terrorist bombing attacks. I admire her so much; a strong, true, gracious woman.

The show stocks some well-known tunes with Gill on sublime vocals and Julian Ferraretto on violin nails this collaboration. I actually went to uni with Julian and have worked with many times — he is a stellar muso. I’ll definitely be in the audience after our season wraps!

The Lab at Light ADL @ West Village, 63 Light Square, Adelaide
15 and 16 March 15, 6:30 pm and 18 March, 2:00pm and 6:30 pm.
From $30

The 60 Four: In Concert

Having sung with Ben on some corporate events and, apart from being a polite and lovely young man, I love his story of the ensemble. That is 'high school boys forming a friendship in their music class and having a dream to be artists. Being an educator in the classroom myself, that is the very reason I still do what I do outside it. So that young people will follow their dreams of artistry and chase that seemingly unattainable goal due to the sheer hard work and dedication that one must commit to if wanting to be a part of the “industry”.

These talented lads pay homage to ‘60s megastars including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, and my personal favourite and childhood icon, Elvis Presley. His take on gospel styled music, the blues and his passion was revolutionary to the music industry — I can’t get enough of Elvis. And I’m sure you won’t be able to get enough of The 60 Four.

The 60 Four: In Concert | Adelaide Fringe
Various venues and dates until 18 March

80’s Ladies

Chloe Castledine runs a tight ship with her corporate band work all year round and, this Adelaide Fringe, she is bringing an 80s themed show to a new venue, The Pyramid.

Although some shows are funded or sponsored, others such as Gospo Collective are self-funded. Being an artist really is such a sacrifice for us, especially as producers, and it’s about giving people work or an experience in doing what they love. And of course, giving our audiences a thrill to enjoy local talent that is world class.

So my hat goes off to Chloe who is also a self-funded artist/producer. I fully support what she is doing for our industry and musicians in Adelaide!

80's Ladies | Adelaide Fringe
The Pyramid, Victoria Square
3-17 March, 7:30 pm
From $45

Malibu Drive Does Disco!

We love to support members in Gospo who do their craft outside of our group — a few of our team have serious day jobs, a full gig-life outside, or both. That is like our medicine-studying, part-time muso, Brandon Bartholomeusz, one of our beloved frontline. He will play sax this year for Whitney and scores my vocal arrangements for the backing choir.

Brandon is uber talented and this year will perform some smooth Kirk Whalum, who toured with Whitney for seven years, sax stylings with Gospo for our Whitney show and also smash some pumping disco beats with his band Malibu Drive.

Get ready to go back to the best era (when I was born) — the '70s. Michael Jackson, Chic, The Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire, get ready for a boogie wonderland for sure and the best way to end a night at Fringe 2023.

Malibu Drive Does Disco! | Adelaide Fringe
Nexus Arts Venue at Nexus Arts Venue @ West Village, Lion Arts Centre, Cnr North Terrace and Morphett Street, Adelaide
arious dates and times from 23 February until 2 March.

Supernova Plays Chicago

I used to be in this band for many years in my youth. Led by Frank Althuizen, it was my serious introduction to transcribing iconic bands of our music industry like EW&F, Steely Dan, Toto … and of course Chicago – with Saturday in the Park, being one of my all-time fave tunes!

I just think you can’t pass up the opportunity to hear Adelaide’s own ‘super band’ play the music of Chicago this Adelaide Fringe season. I can definitely vouch for the calibre of the musos and musicianship within the ensemble, with a mega shout out to some of the best vocalists in Adelaide — Jacqui Yeo, Callum Campbell and Mat Noble — heading up the front line. I’ve not only had the pleasure to sing with many times over the years, but also hang with. Great humans all round. Plus, our Gospo keyboard player and tracking guru for most of my arrangements this year for Whitney, Sean Timms, is also a part of this line up. We love to support our teammates."

Supernova Plays Chicago | Adelaide Fringe
The Gov, 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh,
Thursday, 2 March, 8:00 pm.
From $30

10 Gospo Whitney Photo credit Diana Melfi

"Fringe is such an extraordinarily busy time of year for artists with so many great shows and so much amazing local talent to support. Please get out and see as many shows as you can this season." - Charmaine Jones

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