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Birnie Rhind, Light's Vision commemoration, 1906, bronze

Light's Vision

Birnie Rhind

On the top of Montefiore Hill with a view across the Park Lands towards the city, stands a statue to commemorate storied surveyor Colonel William Light.

The statue was relocated from Victoria Square in 1938, and the area is called Light's Vision based on the notion that Light stood here when he picked the spot for Adelaide. It is debated if this patch is the exact spot where Light stood in 1837, and said "this is the place for a city". Some historians believe it was on the corner of North and West Terrace, but nevertheless the chosen site has a great view, and the walk from the north end of the city to Montefiore Hill is very pleasant, passing Adelaide Oval and through some beautiful parks.

Wherever he conceived it, Light's contribution was fundamental in Adelaide's success as a modern city. As Surveyor-General of the colony, he designed streets running east-west to cope with dusty north winds, open grassed squares within the city and the surrounding Park Lands.

Montefiore Hill, Stella Bowen Park /Tarntanya Wama, Montefiore Road, North Adelaide

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