photo-icon Scott teaching yoga at Light Square

Connect your mind and body at Wellness Squared

If you go to Wellness Squared in October, you’ll be treating yourself to a holiday.

That’s according to Scott Nailer, who is a senior level yoga teacher from Om Yoga studio on Regent Street North in Adelaide.

Om Yoga will be delivering yoga classes at Wellness Squared and Scott can’t wait – he “works to keep everything well at all times” and believes any focus on wellness is “just wonderful”.

“We can't go anywhere at the moment so we might as well go inwards and have a staycation in your own body,” Scott said.

“Yoga gives you a complete holiday from thinking about all the things happening in the world, it gives you a chance to reset both your body and your mind.

“And from a wellness perspective, once you reset, you can just keep building on that feeling.”

Scott got involved in yoga to improve his martial arts and quickly got hooked on the feeling he got during yoga practice.

He explains that a ‘runner’s high’ is the feeling you get when you’re doing something that both your mind and body completely connects to.

The beauty of yoga is that it focuses on that connection of mind and body – it concentrates on the breath, the mind and the body to bring you into a state of wellness.

Scott is looking forward to more people giving it a try at Wellness Squared and believes they too will get hooked like him.

“The great thing about yoga practice is that everybody can do it together, it doesn’t matter whether you have heaps of experience or no experience,” Scott said.

“We can all do the same postures, the same practice, we just do it in our own way and at our own pace.

“I think it's really important that we all get in contact with ourselves and with each other and WellFest Adelaide will bring us all together for that.”

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