photo-icon Adam Page performing

Creating Beautiful Mayhem at Wellness Squared

The people of Adelaide will be creating some Beautiful Mayhem this Sunday 24 October at Light Square’s Wellness Squared event. 

At 4:00 pm, Adam Page and Jarrad Payne will be leading an immersive and interactive performance which explores the healing nature of making noise in a large musical group.

All people are invited to join this unique and fun experience and should bring their instruments to help contribute to the noise.

Well-known Adelaidean multi-instrumentalist and composer Adam Page is the brains behind this project, which he said is essentially a guided collective group improvisation.

There will also be a guided meditation to help people zone in before the start, focusing on the quality of sound that will be made.

“It’s all about making noise together and going back to that child-like euphoria that happens when you get together and just make noise,” Adam said.

“In terms of the wellness side of things, I’ve been a musician for many years now and there’s nothing like the catharsis that is felt after a good jam session with a bunch of people.

“And on an even deeper level especially with wind instruments as well, when you take a breath in and a long breath out, that’s stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and that is the system that basically makes us relax.

“There’s a lot of long notes in this piece, there’s lots of loud/soft, so it‘s constantly stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, so by the end of this, people are just going to feel amazing.”

Adam started Beautiful Mayhem after the disappointments of so many cancelled shows both internationally and interstate due to the COVID-19 pandemic – he decided that musicians just needed to get together and just make some noise!

That’s why he can’t wait for Wellness Squared on Sunday.

“I think it’s going to be amazing and importantly it’s for everybody of any ability,” he said.

“The piece that we’ve created is going to be a lot of fun – it’s going to be absolute Beautiful Mayhem.

“There’s going to be lots of just wild noise, but then we’ll bring it back to some more harmonious moments as well.

“I think it’ll go off – the directives that we’ve created and will be on the screen are really fun, it’s going to be pretty cool stuff.”

Adam said people need to just show up with their instrument (acoustic only, no electric) and an open mind.

Entry into Wellness Squared and participation in Beautiful Mayhem is FREE – just book a ticket here.

There are also other fun activities such as yoga, fitness, cooking and gardening demonstrations and more in the lead up to Beautiful Mayhem, along with a wellness market to purchase snacks, beverage, activewear, plants and more before you make some noise.

Beautiful Mayhem is supported by the South Australian Government.