Unleash and experience the city

Life hasn’t been the same for a while. There are things we’ve missed, places we haven’t been, experiences we are yet to discover. But things are looking up, and it’s time to lose the leash – to eat and stay, and drink and dance, and live and let loose. To stay out late, and maybe even stay overnight. To meet with old friends, and make some new ones. There’s a whole world to discover right here at home – all it’s missing now is you. Discover musicians and performances popping up across the city or make your way to street parties and live laneways to unleash your joy.

It’s only the beginning – the best of ADL Unleashed is yet to come!

Unleash your...

Join Hayley, Lauren and Tom from Adelady as they let loose and experience the city.

Are you ready to unleash in the city? Let loose with a stay in one of the many fabulous hotels located in the CBD and North Adelaide.

ADL Unleashed events

Kids and Family
Jun 10, 2022 - Aug 27, 2022

Winter Weekends

Various locations around the city's west, east and market districts

What we've unleashed already

Unleash your own itinerary

ADL Unleashed is a joint initiative of the City of Adelaide, the Government of South Australia and the Adelaide Economic Development Agency.

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