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Trevor Rodwell and Sue Rodwell, Retrace, 2002 , pavers, glass


Trevor Rodwell and Sue Rodwell

The intention of Retrace was to add another dimension to the heritage chimney and offer viewers a small insight into the history of the site. The chimney was part of the destructor furnaces used for the incineration of the cities rubbish from 1909 and the heat was used to generate electricity to power the site and the street lights. The clinker (waste product) from the furnaces was used in the manufacture of pavers. A slumped glass panel was set within the arched chimney opening indicating the patterns of electro-magnetic lines of force - the basis of the generation of electricity, and coloured lighting references the furnaces and a detail on the door, ‘TA564’ - the original town acre. The paving design of the plaza connects with the pavers made on the side, and also to the detail of the sandstone/brick building that stood on the site. At night, tiny light points reference this outline and street lighting, which is supported by a solar array system.

The Plaza, Catherine Helen Spence Street, off Halifax Street

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Pavers, glass

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