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Driller Jet Armstrong, Daubist Mural no. 1, 1998 acrylic paints (modifying the original mural painted by Carol Ruff and Barbary O'Brien in 1984)

Daubist Mural no. 1

Driller Jet Armstrong

Commissioned by the City of Adelaide and Rundle Street Traders artist Driller Jet Armstrong directed and painted the artwork Daubist Mural no. 1 with local artists, David Bromley, Brettski, Andrew Parish, Chris Gaston, Andrew Petrusevics and Barbary O-Brien.

The design modified the existing mural painted by Carol Rugg and Barbary O'Brien in 1984, which symbolised the link between the older and younger generations. This mural explored the theme of the child in the original mural growing up in a world filled with a myriad of exciting possibilities waiting to be experienced. This is symbolised by the futurist theme of the alien and the grown up girl leaving in a spacecraft represented by the light globe in the sky.

Armstrong applied ‘daubist principles’ by keeping elements of the original work intact, while painting a new artwork over the top to form an entirely new artwork.

Corner of Frome Road and Rundle Street, Adelaide

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Acrylic paints (modifying the original mural painted by Carol Ruff and Barbary O'Brien in 1984)

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