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James Dodd, Cold Chisel Lane, acrylic paint. Photo Sam Roberts

Cold Chisel Mural

James Dodd

This mural is part of the City of Music Laneway Project to celebrate Cold Chisel Lane.

James Dodd is an Adelaide based artist who works across a wide range of mediums. He is interested in the splashes of creativity that can be found in public spaces, especially suburbia. This has many manifestations, from simple paintings to strange contraptions or sculptures that look like they have been “home-brewed in the garden shed”. Since completing his Masters in Visual Arts at the University of South Australia, Dodd has gone on to create an extensive body of work that he has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions. He challenges traditional notions of genre, fitting comfortably into a traditional gallery setting whilst also exploring new frontiers in visual street culture and the creative use of urban spaces. Painting has always been a core part of his practice. However, his impressive body of work also encompasses built structures, murals and a diverse catalogue of public art. Dodd teaches at the Adelaide Central School of Art, leads community projects and exhibits regularly across Australia.

James Dodd says of his mural: "It has been a great joy to develop this artwork in response to a band whose music and broader cultural context have been present and relevant to me, throughout my life. I have been able to bring together stories from a broad cross-section of people who all talk about how Cold Chisel has left indelible marks on their lives. I hope that this artwork can inspire more people to share their experiences of Cold Chisel and appreciation of the band and their legacy.”

Cold Chisel Lane off Burnett Street, Adelaide

Year Produced



Acrylic paint

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