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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Royal Oak Hotel, O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, c1877

Photo taken 31 December 1876

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 9170

Sweet, Samuel White, photographer

According to Bob Hoad in his book 'Hotels and Publicans in South Australia 1836-1993' the Royal Oak was first established on the east side of O'Connell Street in 1855. The license moved to the present site in 1866. A balcony was added in 1881.

The Princess Royal Hotel, now known as the Oxford Hotel, can be seen on the right, further down O'Connell Street.

'Charles Smith admitted having been in the bar-room of the Royal Oak Hotel, O'Connell street, North Adelaide, for the purpose of illegal betting. The prosecutor said that about 1.50 p.m. Plainclothes Constables Began and Lind say they saw the defendant in the liquor bar with the book (produced) in his hand. A number of men were standing round him, and he was seen to make an entry in the book, '1/ Sly Glance.' When told that he would be arrested, he replied, 'Right-oh.'
The PM.— The minimum fine for this offence is £5. Have you anything to say? Defendant— Only that I ask Your Honor to impose the minimum penalty.
The PM. — l don’t impose the minimum penalty in cases like yours. You were in a public bar-room. You will be fined £7, with 10/ costs.'
The Register, Tuesday 23 February 1926, p15

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