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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Queen's Head Hotel, Kermode Street, North Adelaide, 1935

Photo taken 01 January 1935

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 6757

The Queen's Head Hotel was opened in 1838 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Adelaide. In fact Bob Hoad, in his book 'Hotels and publicans in South Australia 1836-March 1993' writes: 'Reputed, but unconfirmable, to be the oldest hotel in South Australia partly in original building'.

Rose Adelaide Cramond was the licensee when this photograph was taken.

Counter Complaint Allegations that he had on two occasions been struck on the face and body by Leonard Thomas Faul, manager of the Queen's Head Hotel, North Adelaide, were made by William Francis Cahill, of Jeffcott street, North Adelaide, in the Adelaide Police Court today. Cahill charged Faul with assault at North Adelaide on October 31. A counter-charge of offensive behaviour was made by Faul against Cahill. On the application of counsel, the court decided to hear both counts at the same time. Messrs. A. J. Bowden, and E. W. Fosbery were on the Bench. Cahill said that he had gone into the bar of the Queen's Head Hotel, and Faul had, for some reason unknown to him. told him to get out. He had twice dragged him down a lane, put him against a fence, and struck him on the face and body. On the first occasion Faul had banged his head against a wall. He had never previously spoken to Faul. Cahill added that Faul might have dragged him from the hotel: because he imagined him to be a police "pimp." Mr. L. T. Gun appeared for Faul, and. Mr. G. B. Tuck for Cahill. The case is not completed.'
The News, Wednesday 14 November 1934, p7

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