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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Kentish Arms Hotel, Stanley Street, North Adelaide, 1941

Photo taken 05 November 1941

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 10731

Established in 1848, the present building, shown here, dates from 1883. Fred Summerfield was the licensee from 1933 to 1943.

The licensee of the Kentish Arms Hotel; Kent Town (Mr. Nolan), has been having a bad time of it recently with robbers. He has been in charge of the hotel since January 4 and has been troubled by burglars four times since then. A week or two ago he and Mrs. Nolan had an exciting adventure with masked robbers, and Mr. Nolan now states that his place, was again burglariously entered on Sunday afternoon. He and his wife went out for a walk in the afternoon, and on their return found that the premises had been entered and a portion of the previous night's takings stolen from their bedroom. It was also discovered that the cellar door, which since the previous episode had been strongly barricaded, had had its fastenings removed, evidently in preparation for another midnight visit. Mr. Nolan called in the police, and he and a couple of constables slept in the cellar all night, prepared to give the expected intruders a warm reception. However, the thieves did not put in an appearance, having apparently become suspicious that a trap had been set for them.'
The Advertiser, Saturday 13 April 1907, p8

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