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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Hunstman Hotel, O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, 1936

Photo taken 01 June 1936

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 31784

Was sometimes known as the Huntsman's Hotel. Established in 1849 and traded until 1960 when the licence was transferred to the Hotel Australia. This building, which dates from 1882, had a number of uses after 1960, including the Lutheran Church Library, until it opened as the Archer Hotel in 2003. The Archer went into administration in October 2018.

Served Liquor in Hotel Rose Adelaide Cramond, licensee of the Hunstman's Hotel, O'Connell street, North Adelaide, admitted to Mr. E. M. Sabine, P.M., in the Adelaide Police Court this morning a charge of having, on December 1, allowed Adelaide Whitwell, who was not registered as a bar maid, to serve liquor. A fine of £2, with 15/ cost, was imposed. Mr. W.A. Rollison, who appeared for defendant, said that his client, had been under the impression that if the licensed person drew the liquor another person could serve it. The law, however, was the other way about. The unlicensed person was permitted to draw the liquor, but not to serve it. Adelaide Whitwell pleaded guilty to a charge of having, on December 1, served liquor in the bar room of the Huntsman's Hotel, not being registered as a barmaid. She was fined 10/, with costs 15/.'
The News, Wednesday 3 February 1926, p12

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