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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Dover Castle Hotel, Archer Street, North Adelaide, 1976

Photo taken 15 October 1976

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 32510

State Library of South Australia, photographer

Established in 1850. The building was remodelled in the 1890s and circa 1914. The building remains but the hotel ceased trading in early 2000.

'Fined £25 for Having Occupied Gaming House
James Henry Burrows, husband of the licensee of the Dover Castle Hotel, North Adelaide, pleaded guilty in the Adelaide Police Court today to having been the occupier of a common gaming house on October 5. He was fined £25 with 15/ costs by Mr. Sabine. P.M. Mr. R. A. Lenthall, who prosecuted, said that betting slips were found by Constables Ryan, Russell, Flint, and Barrington in a bathheater. Mr. Lenthall said that Burrows was convicted in 1930 of having been at the same hotel for the purpose of betting, and was fined £50. Mr. C. J. Philcox, who represented defendant, said that his client was not a bookmaker, but was acting as an agent for one.'
The News, Saturday 19 November 1932, p2

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