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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Commercial Hotel, Tynte Street, North Adelaide, c1928

Photo taken 09 October 1928

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 4818

Established in 1850 as the Commercial Hotel and became the North Adelaide Hotel from 1959 until the late 1990s. Renamed the Daniel O'Connell Hotel, it was given an Irish theme. In 2016 it reverted to the North Adelaide Hotel, and back to the Daniel O'Connell name in 2017. It is now closed. The building survives.

This building dates from 1881. Percy Welsh was the licensee from 1928 to 1930.

Illegal Betting
An illegal bookmaker was fined £25 with 10/ costs by Mr. Muirhead, P.M., in the Adelaide Police Court today. He was William Ernest Stevens, 34, munition worker, of Gover street, North Adelaide. He pleaded guilty to having on March 21 unlawfully carried on business as a bookmaker at the Commercial Hotel, Tynte street, North Adelaide. The Assistant Police Prosecutor (Mr. L. Bond) pointed out that the penalty for a first offence was up to £100. On March 21, a race meeting was held at Ascot, Victoria. He said Constable White, who was in plainclothes, went into the bar of the Commercial Hotel about 1.30 p.m., where there were about 40 men, some studying racing information
White put 5/ on Queen Baccha and 5/ on Penaton, both horses being in the same race. Stevens said to him, "If either of the horses win, I will give your money to the barman, who will give it to you." Stevens told him that he was formerly employed as a clerk by a licensed bookmaker. When searched at the Watchhouse, £35 10/ in notes was found in Stevens' wallet. Mr. J. L. Travers, for Stevens, said his client was now in the A.I.F. When the ban on betting was introduced, Stevens had practically been robbed of his means of livelihood and he had a wife and five small children to keep.'
The News, Friday 10 April 1942, p3

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