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The Old Pubs of North Adelaide

Cathedral Hotel, North Adelaide, 1936

Photo taken 26 February 1936

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 6825

South-east corner of King William Road and Kermode Street. Established as the the Scotch Thistle Inn, originally on the north side of Kermode Street in 1850, the license was moved to the present location in 1881. Changed name to the Cathedral Hotel in 1925 and continues to trade under that name.

'Hotel Licensee Fined
In No. l Adelaide Police Court yesterday, Hannah Habit Muir, licensee of the Cathedral Hotel, North Adelaide was fined £5, reduced to £1, with £1 costs, for having unlawfully permitted liquor to be consumed on the hotel premises during prohibited hours on February 4.
Assistant Police Prosecutor Dayman told Mr. Muirhead, P.M., that Mrs. Muir had permitted two persons to consume liquor at a meal when she did not have a permit for such purpose. Mr. A. S. Blackburn, who appeared for Mrs. Muir, said his client had been honestly under the impression that she had paid the fee for a permit to provide liquor with meals.'
The Advertiser, Wednesday 8 April 1936, p29

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