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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Commercial Inn, Grenfell Street, c1866

Photo taken 31 December 1865

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 6560

On the extreme right of this photograph, on the southern side of Grenfell Street, is the Commercial Inn which operated from 1839-1886. The building was demolished in 1896.

Monday, August 14.
James Curnow, Commercial Inn, Grenfell street, was charged on the information of the police, with suffering the lamp in front of his house to be unlighted between one and two o'clock on the morning of the 12th instant.
He pleaded not guilty, saying he trimmed it at twelve o'clock, as usual. If it went out since, it must have been from the wind; he was not aware how it happened.
The fact of the light being out was proved, and also that the same thing had occurred several times.
Defendant said it was difficult to keep lamp lighted, the oil in town being very bad, he always trimmed it carefully before he went to bed, and whenever the police had called him up, he-had cheerfully re-lighted it.
His Worship would take the next case.”
South Australian, Tuesday 15 August 1848, p2

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