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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Commercial Inn, Grenfell Street, 1864.

Photo taken 31 December 1863

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 1265

South side of Grenfell Street. On the extreme left of this photograph is the Commercial Inn which operated from 1839-1886. King William Street is on the right of the photograph. The building was demolished in 1896.

'VOLUNTEER MILITARY FORCE On Monday evening last a number of volunteers belonging to the Artillery and Adelaide Companies assembled at the Commercial Inn, Grenfell-street, to pay a compliment to Mr. Gome, Sergeant of the Norwood Company, who had kindly afforded them private drill instruction for the previous three months. It appears that in November last several volunteers, desirous of becoming readily acquainted with their military duties, placed themselves under the tuition of Mr. Gome, and have regularly met twice a week on the Park Lands, at half-past 6 in the morning; and so well satisfied are they of the benefit derived from such instruction, that it was decided they should close the campaign by dining together... '
Adelaide Observer, Saturday 10 March 1855, page 3

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