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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Castle Inn, Hindley Street, Adelaide, 1878

Photo taken 31 December 1877

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 7064

North-west corner of Hindley Street and Morphett Street. The Joiners' Arms was previously adjacent to this site from 1839-1847 when the Castle Inn was built. The McEnhill family ran the hotel from 1869 to 1926.

'Esprit Coquet was brought up for imposing on Henry McEnhill, of the Castle Inn, Hindley-street, to the extent of £29 13s. 5d. Prisoner had represented that he was station manager for G. R. Phillips, Kanyaka, and had over £300 due to him, and consequently obtained a month's board and lodging for himself and three other men at the inn. To be imprisoned for three months.'
Evening journal, Saturday October 7 1882, p2

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