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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Black Horse Hotel, Leigh Street, ca1885

Photo taken 31 December 1884

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 8098

The hotel opened in 1847 as Foresters Inn and the name was changed in 1849 to Black Horse Inn. The hotel was licensed until 1906 and demolished about 1908. The hotel was on the west side of Leigh Street, half way between Hindley and Currie Streets. Mrs Wilhelmina Schrader was the licensee from 1880 to 1893.

J. Nelson was the victim of an audacious robbery in a hotel bar in Leigh street, Adelaide. Nelson, who is employed on one of Daw's fishing cutters, had just received payment for his two previous catches, and was returning to Port Adelaide. When opposite the Black Horse Hotel, Leigh street, be was accosted by two men, who asked for a match. He supplied the lucifer and the men suggested a drink. Nelson refused, but was promptly hustled into the bar, and three drinks ware called for. After consuming the liquor one of the men placed his arm round Nelson's neck, while the companion rifled his pockets. Nelson, who had a cheque for £9 10s, a £5 note, five sovereigns and some loose silver, lost the lot. After securing the cash the men decamped, and up to the present have not been captured.'
The North Western Advocate and the Emu Bay Times (Tasmania), Thursday 10 August 1905, p3

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