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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Bijou Hotel, Rundle Street, 1922

Photo taken 17 December 1922

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 1169

At 141 Rundle Street (now Mall), between Twin Street and Pulteney Street. Established in 1859 as the Nottinghamshire Arms Hotel, renamed the Alexandra in 1864, the Dolphin in 1871, the Savoy from 1896-1899. Demolished in 1923.

Adelaide, compared with other cities in the Commonwealth, has been remarkably free from the unwelcome attentions of members of the criminal fraternity, but unfortunately during the past few months cases of burglary and housebreaking have been of frequent occurrence. Despite the increased vigilance of the police, in a few instances only have the marauders been brought to book, and in no case has an offender been caught redhanded, which serves to show that the gangs at work are dangerous and daring men.
It would be hard, however, to imagine a case of greater impudence and daring than that which was brought under the notice of the police on Saturday evening last, when a number of bedrooms at the Bijou Hotel, Rundle-street, were ransacked by thieves. It appears that the evil-doers entered the hotel at about 10 o'clock and immediately made their way upstairs. After ransacking drawers and cupboards they carried a number of portmanteaus belonging to boarders at the hotel to a balcony at the rear of the premises, and apparently handed them to an accomplice, who placed them in a trap and drove away. Fortunately, however, there was nothing more valuable than soiled linen in the majority of the bags.'
The Chronicle, Saturday 22 April 1911, p42

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