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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Beresford Arms Inn, 188-190 Gilles Street, Adelaide, 2019

Photo taken 25 January 2019

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 77323

Jenny Scott, photographer

The recently restored former Beresford Arms Inn on the north side of Gilles Street, Adelaide, is the oldest surviving hotel building in South Australia. Constructed in 1839 it was first licensed in March 1840. Known as the Oddfellows' Arms from late 1856 to 1861. Subsequently a private cottage.

'We learn that on Tuesday Mr. Palmer, late landlord of the Oddfellows' Arms, Gilles-street, paid a visit to Hahndorf. From what he saw there lie returned to town and made up a party of three, who left on Thursday afternoon to try their luck. Mr. Palmer describes the "new gold-field" as differing very much in appearance from the Echunga diggings, and says that the gold has more of a shotty appearance, like that found at Bendigo.'
Adelaide Observer, 11 December 1858, p.1

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