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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Bedford Hotel, Currie Street, 1891

Photo taken 31 December 1890

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 8774

Situated on the North side of Currie Street between Gray Street and Clarendon Street. Established as the Ship inn in 1844 and changed to Bedford Hotel in 1888. Ceased trading in 1921. The building has been demolished.

One alleged effort of the carrying of the referendum for the 6 o'clock closing of liquor bars was felt in the Licensing Court yesterday morning. It will be remembered that some time ago the proprietors of the Bedford Hotel, in Currie street west, agreed to spend £3000 in practically rebuilding the hotel. Plans and specifications wore submitted to and approved by the court, and the work was to have been proceeded with immediately. Yesterday Mr. C. M. Bennett made application to the court for an alteration in the order. He said that, on account of the referendum it would be absolutely impossible to carry out the original scheme. The tenant had said that he would not be able to pay the rent. What was desired was the approval of the court to alterations to the premises estimated to cost £700. The matter "was adjourned for a week.'
Daily Herald, Wednesday 9 June 1915, page 4

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