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Lost pubs of Adelaide

Adelaide Hotel, Hindley Street, Adelaide, c1909

Photo taken 01 January 1909

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 8981

155 Hindley Street. Established in 1839 as the Tasmanian Hotel, then alternated between the names Prince Albert Hotel and Adelaide Hotel. Ceased trading in 1921. Mrs Eliza Woodhead was the proprietor of the Adelaide Hotel from 1907-1913. The family standing on the balcony is probably Mrs Woodhead, her daughters, and her sister.

The building housed Cartoons nightclub in the 1990s. The building was demolished in early 2017.

'The practice of men ordering drinks from females behind the bars in Adelaide hotels and then refusing to pay for the same has been causing annoyance to several hotel keepers. It is known as "beer-scaling," and legislation to prevent it was included in section 113 of the Licensing Act passed last year.
The first information under the section was heard at the Adelaide Police Court, before Messrs. J. Gordon, S.M., J. Gillard, and E. C. Clucas, on Thursday, when James Lucas was charged, on the information of the police, with having, on September 7, ordered liquor, with which he was supplied at the Adelaide Hotel, Hindley-street, and having refused reasonable payment for the same when it was demanded of him. Consequently he was deemed to be a rogue and a vagabond.
Mrs. Eliza Woodhead, licensee of the hotel, stated that the defendant went to her hotel with a friend, and after calling for a butcher and a glass of beer, which were obtained, he left without paying for them.
The defendant, who had been arrested by Detectives Mattin and Goldsworthy, pleaded guilty, and said that as Tuesday was a warm day he invited a friend to have a drink. At the time he thought he had sixpence, but after ordering the beer found he had lost it out of a hole in his pocket.
Inspector Burchell put in a list of convictions against the defendant, including a rogue and a vagabond, riotous behaviour, and idle and disorderly. The accused was sentenced to one month imprisonment.'
Express and Telegraph, Thursday 9 September, 1909, page 1

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